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Slip Washers, Blade (Set)

Slip Washers, Blade (Set)

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  • This set includes the 2 necessary slip washers needed for EACH blade (one on each side of blade)
  • If you are installing 2 blades, then you'll need 4 slip washers.
  • Slip washers allow for blades to slip when hitting hard objects and avoids damage to gearbox.

Warranty & Returns

1 Year Powertrain Limited Warranty. For more information on warranty and our return policy, please visit our WARRANTY page.

Shipping Info

Shipping: Units usually ships next business day.

Trencher Shipping Dimensions:

  • Size: Trenchers will be shipped in a 72" L and 12" OD tube.
  • Unit Weight: Approx. 25lbs
  • Shipping Weight: Approx. 30lbs

Blades Shipping Dimensions:

  • Size: Blades are usually shipped on a flat square box 13"-14" W&D by 2" H.
  • Weight: Approx. 1LB per blade
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