All Trencher Models Support Single or Dual Blade Configurations.

Product Ships Within 2-3 Business Day.

The TrenchBadger™ Pro Series is a portable trencher designed for fast installations. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and handle. The powerful, commercial engines and variety of blades offer full authority to dig up to 12" through tough soils and roots. Our V-Trench design leaves a clean, accessible trench (up to 5.5" wide) - making it easier to get the job done right!

  • Versatility

    The TrenchBadger Pro is the best trencher for quick installations. Use it with dual blades to trench up to 12" deep OR simply remove one of the blades (either side) and excavate a thinline trench up to 5.5" deep. Perfect for wire installations, bed edging, dog fencing and more.

Is TrenchBadger Pro the right tool for my project?

The TrenchBadger Pro blades were not built to trench and excavate through undisturbed Clay, Coral, Caliche, solid rocks or any type of soils where a shovel cannot penetrate.

To choose the right blade for your project, visit: Blades Information.

  • Scott & Kevin - Lawns and Ponds

    Product works amazingly!

    Product works amazingly! Use for
    multiple applications like, Irrigation, drains and lighting. It’ll also turn up
    the dirt like a tiller all while fitting in a line trimmer rack safely off the
    deck of a trailer or dump.

  • Steve - Landscaping

    ...definitely earns it keep!

    ...I’d recently heard about the trench
    badger. I thought I’d give it a try, the machine definitely earns it keep, I’ll
    still rent a trencher for larger jobs but we just laid about 400 feet of pipe
    at my friends cabin and the machine worked great...

  • Heike Bean - Installer glad I found this tool!

    This is one of my most valuable farm tools. I put so far about 2 miles of irrigation line in and even loan it to my friends. We do have sandy
    soil , but it cuts through smaller roots nicely. It saved me so much money digging trenches and it digs just the right size so filling back in is easy as well.

  • Chad - Irrigation

    The support has also been great!

    We have utilized this in our irrigation
    installation and service departments within our organization. It has helped us
    reduce the time and energy spent for small pool re-routes and zone expansion or
    re-routes. The support has also been great as well with getting replacement
    blades or components that have worn out.

  • Tony - Installer

    I found the TrenchBadger to be very efficient !

    I found the trench badger to be very
    efficient easy-to-use and very versatile. Nice tool if you are not looking to
    make trenches to deep.

  • Avati AV - Installer

    ....cuts the perfect trench!

    We love it, it cuts the prefect trench, every time!

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  • Fiber Optics/Cable

    The perfect tool for the 'last mile' in a network installation. At up to 12" deep, the TrenchBadger Pro offers the right depth for the final length of cabling from the nearest distribution point to a home or workplace.

  • Irrigation

    Irrigation systems increase property value and help to conserve water. Use your TrenchBadger every day on every job and save up to 50% on labor and time for your installs.

  • Landscaping / Lighting

    Landscape lighting and bed edging enhances any garden. With your TrenchBadger you can easily install wiring quickly.  For bed edging, use your Trenchbadger to form the bed-edge prior to laying mulch.

  • Other Solutions

    Contractors are also using their TrenchBadger for a wide range of installations, from drainage to pest control and silt fencing to root pruning. TrenchBadger - Every day, every job.

  • 1 Year Limited Powertrain Warranty

    We believe in our product. We provide a 1 year limited powertrain warranty. See other details on our Warranty page.

  • Safety is our Priority

    From full debris protection to blades that walk away from the operator. Safety is one of our top priorities. Check our Product Information for product details.