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TrenchBadger Inc.

At TrenchBadger, we work everyday to solve problems. We design products that are simple, reliable and are ready to work for you. 

We believe advanced equipment for the outdoor working industry is the foundation of healthier work environments, getting the job done right, and more time for creativity – changing the mindset of ‘man-vs-machine’ to ‘man-with-machine’.  Starting in 2015, the first TrenchBadger Pro Series units launched on the market with great customer interest and response (thank you early adopters!).  Since, the team at TrenchBadger has forged forward and enhanced the products for the rugged commercial trenching environment and continues to launch new products focused on advanced equipment for the outdoor working industry.

Today, still offering the world’s lightest commercial, handheld trencher on the market, we are committed to our great customers, offering new, advanced tools and equipment, and increasing productivity throughout the outdoor working world.

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