The TB Pro 12 is the lightest commercial hand-held portable trencher and bed edger designed for contractors in the irrigation, low-voltage lighting, pest control, and other related industries.

The TB Pro 12 is capable of digging up to 12" deep.

Our V-Trench design cuts 2.5" at the bottom and 4.5" at the top. "XTRA-Wide" blades which will expand the max trench width to 5.5"!

It's capable of cutting through heavy roots, a variety of soils, and fractured rock.

Up to 2" OD 2.375" (2 3/8") PVC pipe with fittings and up to 1" with a barb fitting.

The harness strap takes the load off of the operator and gives them more control. Vibration dampening system between the engine and the operator which absorbs the vibrations as well as through the handle. We implement two deflectors on our trencher to ensure the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment. The engine has a centrifugal clutch which disengages the engine from the blades once you let go of the throttle. Easy access kill switch to stop the engine. Throttle lock which won't engage unless pressed in conjunction with the throttle. And the blades are always spinning away from the operator. Even with all of these safety features we ALWAYS recommend that operators use safety goggles, gloves, hard hat where falling objects may be present, long pants and steel toe boots.

There is no additional liability compared to other outdoor power equipment.

Totally dependent on soil conditions and depth interest; on average, the TB Pro 12 can trench about 10 feet per minute.

Depending on soil conditions and depth.

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1-Year Commercial Power Train Warranty. Click here for more information.

Although it is capable of digging through rocky soils, the TB Pro units is not recommended for cutting through solid rock or dry clay.

When you encounter a large rock/obstacle it's best to trench over it and then come back and remove the obstacle by hand. It's not recommended to cut through solid rock.

It's capable of cutting through tree roots up to 1" in diameter.

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